Autism doesn’t get diagnosed in Uzbekistan often; only severe cases. There is little awareness about autism, no support in schools, etc. It is a sort of thing that “happens to others”, and people generally don’t talk about it.

My son was officially diagnosed with autism here in US around 3…

TL;DR Read three books, watch two classes, solve problems at topcoder/codeforces/projecteuler. Links are below.

If you are interested in getting a job at Google, you’ve probably already read Steve Yegge’s famous post (if you didn’t, read it first). It assumes you have only a couple of weeks for preparation and…

Today I’ve discovered, thanks to a customer, that two weeks ago ComponentOne Studio® for Entity Framework, the main product I worked on, won Code Project Members Choice 2012 award in the Big Data Solutions category at Microsoft’s TechEd 2012 conference in Orlando.

This award is the best thing I ever achieved and thus I am super excited. Such awards are a great source of motivation.

Originally published at on June 26, 2012.

Nodir Turakulov

Software Engineer @ Google. More:

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