Job at Google in 6 months recipe

  • have basic math, algorithm and data structure knowledge required for the interview
  • change the way you think about problems, expressing them using mathematical models (it is not scary, rather fun)
  • possibly love learning. Here at Google it is a continuous process and not less intensive.
  • learn nothing about system design (see below)

Learn math

Learn algorithms and data structures

  • Watch MIT’s Introduction to Algorithms video course.
  • Read Introduction to Algoritms book by Cormen et al.
  • Do homework
  • Write algorithm and data structure implementations yourself. Write unit tests
  • Skim through the second part of Algorithm design manual book by Skiena. It is a catalog of well-known algorithmic problems. The first part is not required since Introduction to Algorithms covers theory pretty well
  • Optionally, skim through Algorithms book by Sedgewick. He covers 3-way-quicksort and has great illustrations

Learn multi-threading

Solve problems

Learn system design




Software Engineer @ Google. More:

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Nodir Turakulov

Nodir Turakulov

Software Engineer @ Google. More:

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